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* DJDreadyNY is an awesome DJ with a big heart!

* Lil_Miss_Nikki is as sweet as can be. Home cook from Texas

* RustyRhymez and his wife LadyNaginata cook and also have a talk show on Sundays.

* ChefSteve330 is amazing and has a huge heart. And, his laugh is infectious.

* PantryElf has more energy than should be legal! Lol. AND, one of the most impressive chefs I’ve ever known.

* ChefMauriziol An Italian living in Australia…great chef!

* LazyLauzy Viking cuisine! He’s just fun!

* ADateNightIn She is down-to-earth and fun and has such fun and easy ideas in the kitchen.

* RoundTableGang just have fun. It’s 4 men…RustyRhymez, ChefSteve330, ChefMauriziol, ZeroCoolIV

* CantEatOnions He and his wife are from Barbados, living in Florida. Fun, young couple!

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