Bullying or Just Plain Mean?

Does It Matter?

“Does anyone have an iPad charger I can borrow?” he asked.

“Yes, but not for you,” she quipped.

This brief conversation took place on a Friday afternoon during a class of 9th graders, words spoken in front of all their peers.

Such a simple conversation, yet no hesitation that those words can hurt. The young boy did an immediate about face and left the classroom.

Our school had implemented a new character education program at the beginning of this academic year entitled Rachel’s Challenge. Rachel Scott was an amazing young lady who treated everyone with kindness and knew she would someday have an impact upon the world. Her life ended abruptly when she was the first of several shot and killed in the Columbine School Shooting on April 20, 1999. Continue reading “Bullying or Just Plain Mean?”

Back to School, Back to Bullying

Bullying Is Not New.

“There’s so much complaining about bullying these days. Kids just need to toughen up.”

I’ve heard that numerous times. It’s not easy, though.  Being the target of relentless bullying wears you down. Yes, as a child, I was bullied. I believe it began with a girl named Betsy. She was such a cute little girl, with an almost angelic countenance, and she was my friend.  One day, maybe age ten, she was over at my house to play.  Of course, back then there was no internet…we actually interacted face to face. She was a fellow classmate and a member of my Girl Scouts troupe.  This particular day, though, her behavior transformed before my eyes.

What Did Betsy Do?

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