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Mental Health & Marriage: Handle With Care

Marriage and mental health struggles don’t exactly go hand-in-hand.  

I haven’t always been sure my husband and I could overcome our challenges.  He didn’t set out to look for a wife who fights daily battles within her own mind.  Unfortunately, life has brought us here.  For better or for worse, right?  We went into this marriage believing that divorce is not an option; however, occasions emerged that cracked open that door.  We each have our own mental hardships; yet, with care and effort, we have held on.  Our first date was summer of 1994 at the Kimbell Art Museum, and today we celebrate our nineteenth year of marriage.  Yes, not the round 20, but each year deserves celebration!

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It doesn’t take a genius to realize that divorce rates are higher among married couples when one or both suffer from mental health issues. A multinational study by NCBI found that a sample of eighteen mental disorders all increased the probability of divorce with a range from a 20% to an 80% increase.  I assume the percent increase depends upon the disorder and the extent of it.

Finding reasons to be grateful is beneficial to all of us.  Doing so is sometimes a herculean challenge for me.  However, today, I am successful in my thinking.  Let me share my gratitude for my husband.

Nineteen (+1) reasons I’m grateful for my husband:
  1. His learned patience. (Does anyone have natural patience?)
  2. Having the best laugh EVER.
  3. Such a great dad.
  4. His cooking! (I follow recipes, but his culinary creativity is tasty…and he grills the cow!)
  5. Willingness to pick up the slack when I…just…can’t.
  6. Allowing me to have alone time when I need it (sometimes quite often!)
  7. His encouragement, including getting me out of my shell of introversion without being overly pushy.
  8. His work ethic.
  9. Wicked smart and wise.
  10. He wants me to be happy.
  11. Never gives up on me, even when I’m at my worst or feel like giving up on myself.
  12. Family game nights with our son.
  13. Tech smarts.  Without him, the TV, stereo, Wi-Fi, and vacuum cleaner would not function (not that I don’t know how to vacuum…he just likes that chore, weird).
  14. Lowering the thermostat for me (hint, hint…You’re welcome to do that more often.)
  15. Great legs and tushy.
  16. Loves when I make sweet potato cookies.  (Recipe here!)
  17. Allows me to be me, even during the times I’m trying to figure that out myself.
  18. Supports my desire to write.
  19. His unending love.
  20. His belief in us…that we can get through anything.

Life is so daily, but some days are pretty darn good.

Happy Anniversary, G!

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