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Hello!  My name is Alicia, and I’m happy we found each other!

Wouldn’t you like to quench your mind with sanity in the mornings to get you through the day?   I wish it were so simple!  It would make surviving daily life much easier…especially for those of us affected by mental health battles.

Mental illness is real.  The stigma which surrounds it is also real.  It is coined an “illness,” meaning something is wrong with us.  Therefore, the stigma grows.  No one wants to feel defective.

Mental health struggles affect everyone, whether it’s a personal battle or the battle of someone we know.  The public rallies around their beloved celebrities, yet not around those they walk among.  I have struggled.  I have hit my rock bottom.  It’s frightening!  Finding others who can truly empathize is a rarity.

My hope is to shine light on the daily struggles…how we are affected, how others view mental illness, how we cope (or don’t cope), and how others can help.  I invite you to read my first post and my personal history.

Let this be an open invitation for all of us to take a few minutes each week to touch base.  Let us discuss, lift each other up, and spread hope.   Because, life…is…so…daily!

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Commit to loving yourself unconditionally. Don't allow your mind cloud the fact that you are worthwhile and extraordinary.

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