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Making Merry: It’s Not Always Easy

It’s been about six years since I’ve truly enjoyed any Christmas spirit.

2013: My mental health was spiraling toward rock bottom…I was pushing people away and wanting to die. To top it off, my marriage was falling apart.

2014–2015: I was still struggling to find my true peace and where I fit in with life. Just making it through each day was a herculean event.

2016: The death of my younger brother after a long illness crushed me and took away the point of life.

2017: Just wasn’t feeling it. Mental health struggles, buried with work, family medical issues. Tree was up, yet undecorated until the 24th when I forced myself to just do it. It was minimum, but it was “done”.

2018:  My goal this year is to find some Christmas spirit… or at least fake it till I conquer it.

I know my mental health puts a damper on life. My family deserves more, deserves better. My son is halfway through high school; he deserves some happier holiday memories.

Pushing through the low and heart-aching moments can sometimes feel impossible.

Just as I need a plan for how to handle my moments of crisis, I need a plan to make it through the holiday season (and to find some joy along the way). One way I’m doing this is by making a December Bucket List. This keeps me focused on activities to keep me moving forward, checking them off as I go (I’ve always been a list person).

Click to view my December Bucket Checklist if you’re curious.  Christmas Bucket

I’ve also concocted a Christmas Selfie Challenge for all of us!

Yes, for YOU and for ME and for ALL!

This is for us to share, laugh, and have happy moments in each day.
So, play along?

Click HERE to join the online Facebook group, and read the pinned post for how to play!

Prizes await!

Life So Daily Challenge


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