Let Me Send You a Letter

You are valued, important, and worthy.

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I’ve written about letter-writing a few times, including in my articles My Year of Kaizen and A Sincere Gift at Christmastime.


Letters are a gift of words…and a gift of time.

Over the years, I’ve kept nearly every letter I’ve received. Checking the mailbox was a highlight of my days. The anticipation of holding a letter from a friend or family member who wrote just for me…excited me! I felt loved and appreciated. I was important enough for them to pause during their day to write and share with me.

We are all important…even in those moments (or days) when we feel worthless. Knowing our importance and worthiness can be a struggle for those of us who suffer from depression. Click To Tweet

In today’s world, we all seem to suffer from “a lack of time”.

We are all busy. For some of us, this has taken a toll on our socialization. Instead of getting together, we rely on texts and social media. I know I’m guilty of this. My introverted, anxious self used to get together with friends in my youth. Now, not so much. I’m content alone; however, the lack of human connection oftentimes still weighs heavily on me.

Letter-writing (not a brief text message) lends itself to human connection when we cannot be physically present for one another. It’s another way we can feel valued.

I want you to feel valued, important, and worthy…because you are.
Let me share a gift of words and time with you…let me send you a letter.

If you’d like me to, please, fill out the form below…and my time and words will materialize in your mailbox.

Let’s connect.

If you’d like to help counteract the cost of stationary or postage (for yourself or others), you may make a donation. Definitely, NOT required.