The Cast of The Big Bang Theory are My People

Nerd Pride

I have seen nearly every episode a half dozen times or more.

Before the pilot episode aired, the commercial trailers had already piqued my interest. I was concerned, however, because I thought they must be showing all the funny parts now and leaving nothing new for the premier. How wrong I was!

Eleven seasons later, the humor still has me guffawing, hooting, laughing aloud! I feel like they are my kind of people…the quirky, fun nerds.

When I was in elementary school, I was considered a nerd. Being smart made me a target for bullying (and I’m not near Sheldon/Leonard-smart). Nowadays, being smart is cool. Although fictional, my heart goes out to the characters when they talk of their bullies.

Plus, in elementary school I was an ugly duckling for the most part (Amy’s fashion-sense seemed more savvy than my own). I thought I was so ugly…because my classmates often told me so. I had my moments…



Making friends when being an outcast is nearly impossible. No one wants to be associated with you because that would then make them a target (at least that’s the way it was back in my day). Sheldon Cooper used his scientific mind in an attempt to find a way…

Although the professions of the main characters include physicists, an aerospace engineer, an astrophysicist, a microbiologist, and a neuroscientist, there is so much English grammar humor…which is right up my alley. Due to my love of language, I eventually became an English teacher. The best English language moment on The Big Bang Theory… Season 8, Episode 5: The Focus Attenuation when they discuss the proper verb tenses to use when discussing the Back to the Future movies.

Other grammar lessons include absolutessubjunctives, and so many more.

I watch The Big Bang Theory every single day (Thanks, TBS and Fox). I’m not quite sure how I will feel when the series runs its course. The beloved characters and I are kindred spirits.

→Which shows resonate with your own life?

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