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Gratitude and Guaranteed Goals

This year, I’ve gone the route of Jon Acuff with his goal setting. It includes many goals, achievability, and simple documentation. Documentation is important. If you don’t hit the ultimate goal, you can still see how far you’ve come…which is better than an all-or-nothing view. Documentation aids in preventing ultimately giving up if the ultimate goal isn’t being achieved. You can listen to more of how Acuff goes about this by listening to this podcast episode: ATG 53: How to create fail-proof New Year’s Resolutions

All it takes is a goal
Image from Jon Acuff’s Podcast

Also, Jon Acuff is having a FREE Guaranteed Goals Challenge on January 10-12. You can sign up here: Join the Challenge.

This year, these are my goals:

My guaranteed goals

Perhaps I will share my documentation throughout the year. Stay tuned. If you have questions, reach out to me! Let’s crush our goals for 2023! I’ll see you at Acuff’s challenge January 10-12!

I have decided to not only begin my year with goals but with gratitude.

I’ve taken a list of prompts created by Marelisa Fabrega to help focus my thoughts. As you read through my list, perhaps you will be able to identify what each prompt is. At the end of my post, I am including a PDF to the list so that you too may reflect and spend some time today to be grateful.

Perhaps my list will help inspire your thoughts of thankfulness.

My gratitude List
Image by Pixabay

I am grateful for the sound of my son’s laughter, birdsongs, and the morning quiet.

I am grateful for the array of colors in this world, smiles, and loved ones.

I am grateful for peonies, coffee, and fresh air.

I am grateful for hugs, snuggly blankets, and warm showers.

I am grateful for dark chocolate, iced tea, and pasta.

I am grateful for blue skies, blue jays, and morning glories.

I am grateful for owls, ladybugs, and my dog.

I am grateful for Nicole, Chrissy, Yuki…and so many, many more.

I am grateful for Sister Ann Francis (2nd grade) for my love of poetry, Mr. Jordan (11th and 12th grade) for making math fun, and Mr. Hensley (7th grade) for his encouragement.

I am grateful for my parents, my brothers, and my extended family.

I am grateful for my fancy toaster oven, music, and streaming services.

I am grateful for M. C. (Fairhill), L. M. (CPHS), and C. H. (Copy editing)

I am grateful for road trips through TX>CO>SD>NE>OK>TX, flight to France, gals’ trip to Rhode Island.

I am grateful for dancing, walking, and skipping.

I am grateful for my birthday, Christmas, and any day to celebrate.

I am grateful for The Poetry of Robert Frost, Of Mice and Men, and The Crucible.

I am grateful for kindness, perseverance, and humor.

I am grateful for those who open doors, smile in passing, and say hello.

I am grateful for fun socks, comfy clothes, and blue jeans.

I am grateful for my smart phone, car, and laptop.  

I am grateful for my physical abilities, clean water, and medical care.

I am grateful for friends, family, and memes.

I am grateful for Big Bang Theory, Friends, and True Crime shows.

I am grateful for writing, silliness, empathy.

I am grateful for piano lessons, dance classes, and gymnastics.

I am grateful for pretty nails, massages, and my electric tea kettle.

I am grateful for learning to be kind, caring, and generous.

I am grateful for engineers, creative thinkers, and scientists.

I am grateful to snuggle with my dog, hug my son, and love others.

I am grateful for financial help, my cedar chest, and my inherited furniture.  

I am grateful for my blog, being financially aware, and learning independence

I am grateful for time with my cousins when we were young, grandparents and all they’ve shared, and watching my son grow.

I am grateful for being with family, being with friends, and vacation time.

Click HERE for the PDF to guide your gratitude list.

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  1. This is an awesome post, Alicia!☺️
    I need a kick in my saggy butt so I don’t revert to old patterns and moving forward. Happy New Year’s to you and your family and wishing you the best. ❤️

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