Time for Your Monday Fun Facts!

Cheers to another week! Here are your Monday Fun Facts to read and share!

Chameleons do not change color to blend into their environment.

image from Pixabay

“The color change you are seeing is based on structural changes of crystal-like cells called iridophores underneath the skin that refract light…When they get excited, feel threatened, or want to display positively, towards a mate, or negatively, to a rival, the crystals separate or compress and give off the appearance of different colors.”

Adult cats are lactose intolerant.

image from Pixabay

“Adult cats are intolerant to lactose, a milk sugar. To digest it, the feline digestive system must contain the enzyme lactase. Young kittens produce plenty of lactase, so they are pretty milk tolerant. But as they grow up, lactase production rates decrease. For mature cats, drinking milk can lead to a stomach disorder – most often diarrhea.”

The world’s termites outweigh the world’s humans.

image from Pixabay

“If you were to add up the weight of all of the termites in the world, the number would be greater than the weight of all the humans in the world. Termites live throughout the world and have some very large colonies.”

“In fact, some colonies have millions of insects. The largest recorded colony had more than three million termites in it.”

Giant panda babies are 900 times smaller in size than their mothers.

image from Flickr

“…Giant panda newborns are…born blind, pink, and hairless. They do not open their eyes until they are 6–8 weeks old, and they cannot move before the age of 3 months. The cubs do not leave their mother’s side until they are between 1.5 and 3 years old — out of a lifespan of about 20 years….With the exception of opossums and kangaroos, giant panda newborns are the smallest mammal babies compared with their mother’s size.”

Mosquitoes have 47 sharp daggers.

image from Pixabay

Mosquitoes do not have teeth, they have 47 sharp daggers that run along each side of a long, piercing proboscis….The proboscis is an elongated mouth part that is used like a hypodermic needle to pierce the skin….The serrated edges of the proboscis make it easy for a female mosquito to quickly pierce the skin and locate a capillary. She has two tubes through which she can suck the blood of her victim. All this takes place so quickly that the victim has already lost blood before realizing a bite has occurred.

If left undisturbed, she can drink up to three times her body weight from a single victim. There’s no cause for alarm regarding blood loss when bitten, it would take well over one million mosquito bites to drain all the blood from a human body.”

Have a great week, and stay tuned for next Monday’s five!

1 thought on “Time for Your Monday Fun Facts!

  1. I never knew that about mosquitoes! Lol, no wonder their bites are so bloody awful…. Pun intended. I’ve had a few on my forehead, and believe me; it wasn’t pretty. It looked like an alien was going to burst through. :/.

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