Monday Music Fun Facts

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What are all these?!

Just a few of the instruments George Harrison has played

The Beatles’ George Harrision could play 26 instruments! LINK

They include: guitar 🎵 sitar 🎵 4-string guitar 🎵 bass guitar 🎵 arp bass 🎵 violin 🎵 tanpura 🎵 dobro 🎵 swarmandal 🎵 tabla 🎵 organ 🎵 piano, Moog synthesiser 🎵 harmonica 🎵 autoharp 🎵 glockenspiel 🎵 vibraphone 🎵 xylophone 🎵 claves 🎵 African drum 🎵 conga drum 🎵 tympani 🎵 ukulele 🎵 mandolin 🎵 marimba 🎵 Jal-Tarang

Mary really did have a lamb!

According to the New England Historical Society, “[Mary] Sawyer…persuaded her parents to allow her to hand raise the lamb after its mother rejected it. ‘At first the creature could not swallow,’ she said, but with her devoted nursing the lamb recovered and started following her everywhere.” 

Her brother Nat said, “Let’s take the lamb to school with us.”

“So she hid the lamb in a basket at her feet. But the teacher caught on after it bleated. Then the teacher…put the lamb outside.” LINK

image from Flickr

Rock on!

Metallica is the only band to perform on all seven continents.

“The band set the record after they entertained 120 scientists and competition winners in a transparent dome at Carlini Station in Antarctica” in 2013. And, actually, “Metallica…performed on all seven continents” that year! LINK

Images from Wikimedia Commons

Say what?

Leo Fender, creator of the most popular electric guitars in the world, didn’t play guitar. He did, however, play some piano and saxophone. In addition, he was an accounting major. “His heart, however, always stayed true to electronics.” LINK

image from Wikimedia Commons

Love this!

Johnny Cash made the song “A Boy Named Sue” popular, but who wrote it? Shel Silverstein, beloved poet and author of The Giving Tree, Where the Sidewalk Ends, Falling Up, and more. LINK

Have a great week, and stay tuned for next Monday’s five!

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