It’s Monday! Fun Facts: Animal Edition!

Cheers to another week! Here are your Monday Fun Facts to read and share!

How Long is Your Tongue?!

“[Woodpeckers]…have surprisingly long tongues…which help them reach deep into crevices in search of beetle larvae (grubs) and other prized morsels. Storing an exceptionally long tongue inside a relatively small head is a challenge, and woodpeckers have some unique anatomical features to make this happen.” In essence, “a woodpecker’s tongue is so long that it needs to be coiled around the back of its owner’s skull.” LINK

Northern Flicker. Photo by Ken Griffiths/Shutterstock
Internal placement of a woodpecker’s (in this case, a Northern Flicker’s) tongue. Illustration by Denise Takahashi.

Babies are Cute!

Baby elephants suck on their trunks for comfort, just like human babies suck their thumbs. LINK

image from Prime Biodiversity Conservation


A flock of flamingos is called a flamboyance. LINK

Pixabay, edited by author

Can You Wiggle Your Ears?

“Cats have 32 ear muscles, which allow them to swivel and rotate to pinpoint the source of a noise. They can also move each ear independently and rotate them 180 degrees.”


Don’t Curse So Loudly!

In 1845, “Andrew Jackson’s African Grey parrot was removed from his funeral… for swearing so loud and long it disturbed the attendees.


Have a great week, and stay tuned for next Monday’s five!

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