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Are you ready for International Dog Day?

The first wild animal to be domesticated was the wolf, the common ancestor of all modern-day dogs. Today, most people own pets for companionship, and there are several benefits:

  • “According to the American Heart Association, dog owners are 54% more likely to get the recommended amount of exercise than their non-dog owning counterparts.”
  • Dogs help with depression and ease anxiety. Our pups help calm us and love us, and in return we have higher levels of serotonin and dopamine which are often referred to as “happy hormones”.
  • “Having a strong sense of purpose and a routine (which is often required for taking care of a dog) allows for stability which in turn helps fight mental illness.”
  • A dog’s natural instinct is often to protect their home and family, which they can do due to their heightened senses of hearing and smell. If your dog is like mine, though, he’ll bark to protect me from the Amazon delivery guy (ha ha) or anyone else he hears outdoors.

In America, 78 million dogs live as pets.

I’m someone who is terrible with remembering names…unless they belong to a pet! Are you the same? Some of my readers submitted photos of their furry babies. Scroll through to read what they have to say!

Then, scroll down to see merch and activities to help celebrate!

Meet these puppers!

Here is what some celebrity owners have to say:

Celebrate your dog’s day!

  1. Let your dog pick out their own gift: Take your dog to your local dog-friendly pet store and allow them to browse the aisles and pick out their own gift.
  2. Bake a dog-friendly cake! For a recipe, click HERE.
  3. Explore a new trail to walk, and give him extra time to sniff around the new grounds!
  4. Play games! Fetch, tug-o-war, find the treats, food dispensing toys. My hound LOVES this one: click here
  5. Have a child who enjoys coloring? Click HERE to download a page for dog day!

There is merch to show off your love of dogs! Got Prime?

Get the dog cuddling shirt HERE, and the easily distracted by dogs shirt HERE.

For the tote, click HERE.

Click HERE to read about my son’s miracle pug. (Yes, for real.)

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