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Did you know that archaeologists had uncovered buried bodies associated with the iconic Easter Island heads? (LINK)

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According to National Geographic, “beaver butts secrete a goo called castoreum, which the animals use to mark their territory.” This substance has been used in perfumes and foods as vanilla flavoring for decades upon decades. (LINK)

What’s in your pantry?

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A Strong Number Two

Creedence Clearwater Revival has the most No. 2 Billboard hits—without ever hitting No. 1. (LINK)

  • Proud Mary
  • Bad Moon Rising
  • Green River
  • Travelin’ Band
  • Lookin’ Out My Back Door


The M’s in M&Ms stand for “Mars” and “Murrie” after the two men who created them: Forrest Mars and Bruce Murrie. After production began, M&M cut a deal to sell them exclusively to the US Armed Forces so soldiers could have sweets in their rations no matter where they were in the world. (LINK)



Cotton candy was invented by a dentist. In 1897, he partnered with candy-maker John C. Wharton to develop the cotton candy machine (which at the time was known as Fairy Floss), and it’s been bringing kids cavities ever since. (LINK)


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