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Valentine’s Day, the movie

An Underrated Movie You Need to See

Watch it, whether you are in a relationship or not.

Directed by Garry Marshall (Yay, Pretty Woman), this film debuted in February 2010. Although it performed well in the box office, multitudes of negative reviews surfaced from “those who know movies”. Whatever.

Valentine’s Day is filled with individual storylines woven together around the holiday (think Love, Actually) in the most fun ways with a perfectly imperfect denouement.

In addition, it’s a packed all-star cast:

* Jessica Alba * Kathy Bates * Jessica Biel * Bradley Cooper * Eric Dane * Patrick Dempsey * Héctor Elizondo * Jamie Foxx * Jennifer Garner * Topher Grace * Anne Hathaway * Ashton Kutcher * Queen Latifah * Taylor Lautner * George Lopez * Shirley MacLaine * Emma Roberts * Julia Roberts * Carter Jenkins * Taylor Swift *

Valentine's Day

What’s so marvelous is the variety of relationships contained in this film…including the lonely and the bitter. Seriously, how many of you at some point in your life wanted to throw an “I Hate Valentine’s Day” party?! I believe it would be cathartic to beat a heart-shaped piñata until annihilated.

Valentine's Day

This movie contains…

first love,

new love,

old love

secret love,

family love,

dwindling love,

closeted love,

and no love.

So, grab some popcorn, rent the movie, and enjoy it alone or with your love, friend, parent, sibling, pet…anyone. You will not be disappointed.

Originally published on Medium February 2018.

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