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Jagged Butterfly: A Beautiful Survivor

I have physical scars, emotional scars, mental scars. These scars mean I have survived. There is no need to be embarrassed by them; I am still beautiful and stronger than I realize.

The same goes for you. You are a strong and beautiful survivor. You are a beautiful jagged butterfly who should proudly spread your wings.

This is our ballade.

Ballade of the Jagged Butterfly

You are a beautiful jagged butterfly.
Elegance emanates through your pain.
Held within your soul, a silent cry,
desiring a placid existence to attain
using a charming holdfast in order to feign
strength in the face of what life flings.
Yet the strength is fleeting, and drains.
Oh! Jagged butterfly, be proud of your wings.

In the eye of life’s malfeasance you wonder why.
Why must you be the one to suffer such pain?
Emotions bubble up and magnify
internal suffering you deeply disdain.
Will your plight prevent your gain
of normalcy you desire life brings?
Or will you buckle under mental strains?
Oh! Jagged butterfly, be proud of your wings.

May you not be blind to an ally.
Allow them to lighten your pain.
Allow your soul to mend and fortify.
Your suffering should not be contained.
Friendships will help you sustain
strength when heart ache stings
and strength when depression clings.
Oh! Jagged butterfly, be proud of your wings.

Feel relief with the release of each chain.
As you give way to life’s upswings.
Look toward a buoyant future, uncontained.
Oh! Jagged butterfly, be proud of your wings.

Copyright © 2019 Alicia T-Rust. All rights reserved.

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