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When life is a challenge, don’t forget the good.

Life has been a challenge for me as of late, and I need to remember there is still good in my life…even in the midst of so much crumbling down around me. So, when Victor Ha challenged me to list forty things that I love or am grateful for, I decided that I could truly benefit from this exercise.

Don’t stop reading now!

I know, I know. Just another list. BUT, I truly believe it’s worth reading.

This was so much harder than I thought it would be…stinkin’ hard. You will notice on my list that my initial ones are quite simply stated; they, of course, are the first that popped into my mind. After the first ten or twelve, this exercise became more and more challenging for me. Is it this challenging for everyone, or is it because I struggle with depression? I’d love for you to try this exercise and let me know…I’m curious!

As I began to get stuck, I reminded myself of what I always told my students:

It’s when you push yourself to think harder and stretch your mind…great things come forth.

It’s when you push yourself to think harder and stretch your mind…great things come forth. Click To Tweet

So, as my list goes on, I happily found myself thinking of more: fond memories, ideas, events, and objects.

I do hope you read to the end to share this with me. Perhaps items on my list will make you think of the good in your life, as well.

  1. My son whom I love above all others.
  2. Air conditioning and cool weather. I hate the heat so much.
  3. My dogs who love me no matter what.
  4. Good ice cream, homemade ginger snaps and snickerdoodles, and French silk pie.
  5. Quiet mornings with my iced coffee in hand.
  6. The fact I am empathetic and usually non-judgmental.
  7. Comfy clothes…with house slippers on my feet.

    Life challenging
    Fun slippers are the best.
  8. Most people view me as kind, and I honestly always try to be.
  9. South Dakota. Seriously, my all-time favorite state for vacation. The Black Hills, the Badlands, the bison, the caverns, the Crazy Horse monument, Mount Rushmore, the Lakota-Sioux… South Dakota
  10. Disney World. Yes, I’m one of those people who agree it’s the happiest place on earth. Everyone smiles, and it’s magical place.
  11. The Kidd Kraddick morning show…even though we no longer have Kidd. He’s left such a legacy with Kidd’s Kids, and the morning show crew feels like my best friends even though I’ve never met them. You make my days start out happy J-Si, Big Al, Jenna, Kellie, and Part-time Justin. And, I’m happy to share you now with my son when I take him to school.
  12. Chrissy, my lifelong friend. Being two years older, I remember the day I first met her after she was born. So many happy childhood memories. I wish we lived closer these days.

    Chrissy and me
  13. Heather, one of my first friends after moving to Texas in October of 1987. She is an amazing woman and mother and friend.

  14. The Big Bang Theory. Hands down, my all-time favorite television show. I’ve seen every episode a crazy amount of times.
  15. Holidays with my family, and simply family.
  16. Chicago’s “You’re the Inspiration”. I feel this song in my heart, and I can get emotional while listening to it.
  17. Birds, especially owls. I find them majestic, inspiring, strong, and wise.
  18. Ladybugs. My mom’s nickname for me has been Ladybug. They’re cute, you know. I don’t view them as insects. They’re just small, lovely packages of happiness and wishes.

    Halloween 2013 & Ladybug release with my mom 2015
  19. My doctor. Without him, I may not even be here. Mental illness sucks.
  20. Writing, for myself and others. As an introvert, I write better than I speak. I enjoy having the time to process my thoughts more thoroughly.
  21. Blankets. I love the feeling of being enveloped with comfort.
  22. Viewing clouds in a great big blue sky.
  23. Walking through a forest. I have fond memories of Fontenelle when I was young. Also, behind the houses across the street from where I grew up, there was a small forest that was fun to explore in.
  24. Road trips. Open road, bonding time, pit stops to see what you normally wouldn’t have the opportunity for.

    Road Trip
    Summer 2016
  25. Airports. The sounds, the excitement, the aircraft, the shops, the languages heard.
  26. Poetry, especially that of Robert Frost. His poetry is what made me fall in love with the craft.
  27. Grammar and syntax. I know this is a strange one, but it’s like a fun puzzle for me.
  28. The humor of Mark Twain. One day, I will get to Hannibal, Missouri (his birthplace).
  29. Rocks. The perfect souvenir…free. There’s something about a rock that draws me in. Plus, it’s been on this earth forever. Rock hunting is both fun and calming for me. My father is a big rock hunter, too. Like father, like daughter. Just the term “rock hunter” makes me smile. 🙂

    My Dad
  30. Dark chocolate. I cannot believe I’ve made it this far through my list without adding it. 70%+ cocoa is the best!
  31. Flowers. Naturally beautiful.
  32. Piano music. It’s my favorite. I took piano lessons for years, but use it or lose it. Time to relearn on my childhood piano that has been passed down to me.
  33. Crafting. Being able to spend time creating is gratifying.
  34. Bowling and shuffleboard. I’m so much better at shuffleboard, but I have so much fun doing both of these activities!
  35. Raising funds to support the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, an important cause close to my heart.
  36. My home. It’s currently cluttered, but I’m working toward making it a comforting domicile.
  37. The USA. Truly, it is the best country in the world in which to live. No, it’s not perfect, but it has far more freedom and opportunities than any other out there.
  38. Texas. The best place to live (and I’m not even a natural Texan). Texas
  39. Holidays. The food, décor, and festivities! I even love the silly, made up holidays.
  40. Sentimental items of the past and present.

What comes to your mind when you think of love, happiness, and gratitude? What do you find comfort in? Comment and let me know!

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2 thoughts on “When life is a challenge, don’t forget the good.

  1. Not many people these days are empathetic. What a beautiful quality to possess, Alicia. I love chocolate, comfy clothes, flowers, and crafting as well. Would you like to participate in a craft challenge? It’s called the Great Ladybug Challenge which is perfect for your love of ladybugs. It’s just making a ladybug with any kind of craft form you desire.

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