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The Cast of The Big Bang Theory are My People

Nerd Pride

I have seen nearly every episode a half dozen times or more.

Before the pilot episode aired, the commercial trailers had already piqued my interest. I was concerned, however, because I thought they must be showing all the funny parts now and leaving nothing new for the premier. How wrong I was!

Eleven seasons later, the humor still has me guffawing, hooting, laughing aloud! I feel like they are my kind of people…the quirky, fun nerds.

When I was in elementary school, I was considered a nerd. Being smart made me a target for bullying (and I’m not near Sheldon/Leonard-smart). Nowadays, being smart is cool. Although fictional, my heart goes out to the characters when they talk of their bullies.

Plus, in elementary school I was an ugly duckling for the most part (Amy’s fashion-sense seemed more savvy than my own). I thought I was so ugly…because my classmates often told me so. I had my moments…


Making friends when being an outcast is nearly impossible. No one wants to be associated with you because that would then make them a target (at least that’s the way it was back in my day). Sheldon Cooper used his scientific mind in an attempt to find a way…

Although the professions of the main characters include physicists, an aerospace engineer, an astrophysicist, a microbiologist, and a neuroscientist, there is so much English grammar humor…which is right up my alley. Due to my love of language, I eventually became an English teacher. The best English language moment on The Big Bang Theory… Season 8, Episode 5: The Focus Attenuation when they discuss the proper verb tenses to use when discussing the Back to the Future movies.

Other grammar lessons within the sitcom include absolutes, subjunctives, and so many more.

I watch reruns of The Big Bang Theory often. The beloved characters and I are kindred spirits.

→Which shows resonate with your own life?

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