Why I went from a twenty-year career in education to working as a barista…

Teacher burnout is real, yo!

More than 41% of teachers leave the profession within five years of starting… I can tell you that I wanted out of the profession before my five-year mark. Instead, I continued to teach, trying to find loopholes to have a reprieve in order to mentally and physically recuperate. I continued the fight day after day, year after year, always hoping things would get better.

Teachers who do an excellent job are often working in unsustainable conditions (e.g., 60 hours per week, relentless stress, inadequate resources, lack of support or time, etc.) (Herman, 2014).”

I resigned in February.

I needed time to take care of myself and my family. Teaching wasn’t allowing that.  Continue reading “Why I went from a twenty-year career in education to working as a barista…”

You Can Cultivate Personal Happiness

…whether or not you have depression.

You can’t choose happiness…

…no matter how many memes say that you can. You can’t choose your feelings…they just are. However, you can choose how you react, and you can choose to cultivate happiness.

When suffering in the depths of depression, happiness isn’t just out of reach…it’s out of sight. The light of happiness cannot be seen. This can be a dangerous and scary time. It’s important to know that life has the capacity to change. Unfortunately, I can tell you from my own experiences, I didn’t believe that it could. You can change your life, though, through the desire to change and through attaining appropriate help. We can’t snap our fingers and be okay. If we want to get better, we have to work to get better. Continue reading “You Can Cultivate Personal Happiness”

Keeping Your Emotions in Check

There is strength in understanding your emotions.

I haven’t always been able to trust my own thoughts and feelings.

I’ve had staunch thoughts and feelings on a particular matter, and a week later they’d already be irrelevant because my thoughts and feelings have done a 180 flip (or flop). Confounding. How can my perception completely shift? Bipolar has this capability. Continue reading “Keeping Your Emotions in Check”