I am a survivor…

…and so are you.

Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.  ~Helen Keller


I decided to make a list of all I have survived in my life. I doubt my list is exhaustive, but I am amazed by the length of it anyway. If you wrote a survival list, I’m sure you, too, would have an eye-opening experience.

That pain, anguish, hopelessness, or anger gradually dissipates as we work toward bettering our circumstances. Don’t remain stagnant; move forward. Eventually, hope sparks, and we see what could be.

We all have struggles.

Some are hefty, some are small. That which is a struggle for one person may not be for another. Lives are not created equal. But, none of us are alone in how we feel. Others have had similar experiences. In this, we can find comfort, comfort in knowing an understanding exists.

You can overcome.

You’ve done it before, and you can do it again. Post your survival list where you can see it from time to time…on your nightstand, next to the coffee maker, in your sock drawer, or taped to the inside of a cabinet door. Glancing at your list ever so often will remind you that you are a survivor, an overcomer. What better affirmation than seeing all the heartache you’ve conquered?

As we’ve all heard before: Everyone is fighting a battle we know nothing about, so be kind.

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1 thought on “I am a survivor…

  1. A fine piece and an empowering idea! For years now I survive on a somewhat similar principle. I have a list of my achievements. Whenever life makes me feel too insignificant, I read the list and I’m reminded which side is up. I’ll try your recommendation, too! Life is better with tools.

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