The Mentally Ill are Taking the Fall for Gun Violence.

Are You Brave Enough to Stand Up for Them?

In the aftermath of yet another senseless school shooting, the masses cry out.

Not only is gun control one of the first discussion points, so is mental illness. Because, you know, (inject sarcasm) that’s the single most comprehensible explanation for anyone to commit such an atrocity!

I have bipolar, and I am also a responsible gun owner.

Being mentally ill does not mean I’m going on a shooting spree.

The news commentators and government and social media call out, “We have a mental health problem!” No shit, Sherlock; however, that’s not why these shootings occur. Continue reading “The Mentally Ill are Taking the Fall for Gun Violence.”

Do You Need a Second Chance? You’ve Got One.

I believe in second chances.

People screw up, mistakes are made. Whether through divine intervention or the kindness of another human being…sometimes, we get that second chance. If mistakes are made, I believe each day — or even each moment — one can start anew…do better…be better.

My entire life was given a second chance in 1995.

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