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Friend Yourself

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestEmailWhen battling your own mind, it is challenging to love yourself. Yet, you must…even if you don’t feel like you can. Celebrate yourself. Treat yourself as though you are the most beloved individual on earth. Because…you…are. Be kind to yourself. Hiding beneath the mental anguish, the pain, and the struggles…you are extraordinary. Those words… Read More Friend Yourself


Monday Fun Facts: Creatives

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestEmailCheers to another week! Here are your Monday Fun Facts to read and share! These five creatives have something in common: November Birthdays! Happy Fall, Y’all! This will be the last Monday Fun Facts post for awhile as I focus on upcoming projects. Stay tuned! Georgia O’Keeffe, November 15, 1887 She quit painting three… Read More Monday Fun Facts: Creatives